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Three Effective Ways To Ban Single-Use Plastics From Your Daily Kitchen Routine

Three Effective Ways To Ban Single-Use Plastics From Your Daily Kitchen Routine

Plastics – one of the biggest enemies of the environment and our planet. You hear this, you understand the criticalness, and you take steps to improve the situation. At the same time, we all know that it is quite a challenge to have a plastic free lifestyle or even a plastic free household. Given the highly infused involvement of products that depend on plastic in our daily routine for decades we might find it hard to switch to a zero waste kitchen routine.

As harmful as plastic is in general, single-use plastics are even worse since we use them only once and for a brief period before we finally get rid of them again. Plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, soda and water bottles, and many more packaging products are examples of these. The consequences of this plastic trash on the ecosystem and our health are far-reaching and potentially fatal. The current vast quantities of plastic waste in our oceans are just one clearly recognizable and devastating result of the status-quo.

That said, when it comes to minimizing plastic use, we must start somewhere. Moving towards a zero waste lifestyle with products that say no to single-use packaging is the first step towards a plasticfree kitchen. Most kitchens tend to be full of single-use plastic products such as cling wrap, throwaway dishware, and excessive plastic packaging. And when it comes to cleaning the kitchen, ahh, it is not an easy task. You are up against stubborn stains and all kinds of culinary messes that demand strong cleaning products. Nevertheless, conventional kitchen cleaning products, which many of us have gotten used to do come with an expensive price.

It could be a bit ambitious to get rid of all your single-use plastics at once, especially if you are always on the go or have a lifestyle that demands convenience over conscience. Plastic is all around us but switching to a greener lifestyle has never been easier. For starters, aer has found a way to provide you with effective and powerful cleaning products, free of single-use packaging that comes in a timeless design. Allow us to introduce how:

Dish soap

Dish soap continues to affect the environment even after it has flushed down your pipes. The causing of suffering of marine life is just one negative result. 

Moreover, the harmful dish soaps come in a harmful single-use plastic packaging that just adds more to the unhealthiness towards the environment after getting discarded. 

With aer Dish Soap, the horrifying thing that you just read, takes a back seat. The powder to gel dish soap is always ready to step up to the plate. The internally developed formulation helps scrub-off stuck food from the utensils. And it is handy, easy to use, and eco-friendly with gentle and effective qualities. It comes with an enriched natural citrus scent, an infinitely refillable 380ml glass bottle, and powder-to-gel formulation – simply pour the powder into the glass bottle, mix with water, shake, and enjoy a powerful post-meal clean without the single-use plastic waste. It is highly environment friendly with 95% less CO2 emissions, thanks to water-free formulation; vegan, organic and free from microplastics. You will get this in 100% compostable & biodegradable paper packaging.

Dishwash Powder

Dishwash detergents are an unavoidable aspect of keeping our kitchens clean. However, more people are becoming aware of the health and environmental risks posed by everyday items. Let us ask ourselves a couple of questions: Do detergents truly clean our dishes? Have we ever considered what ingredients go into these detergents? Is there any risk of them having negative consequences if you use them?

Most of us want something that is less detrimental to the environment and has fewer chemicals, but we also need something that works and cleans the dishes.

The good news is, that there are ways to formulate and produce eco-friendly, zero-waste choices that do not leave residues, harm the dishwasher, and that are effective in achieving their purpose of cleaning your dishes.

With aer dish wash powder, such worries reduce to great extents. The products come free of any plastic. The powder comes in 100% compostable and biodegradable paper pouches and include a paper measuring cup. Just drop one spoon in your dishwasher for a powerful, conscious clean and ensure your dish wash routine finally leaves out the plastic waste! No more single-use plastic! It cleans dishes effectively and streak free and removes even dried-on and stubborn dirt. It is vegan, made with organic ingredients without microplastics or acrylate, and is free of phosphates, phosphonates, or chlorine. A dishwash powder that has gotten it all! 

Sustainable Kitchen Cleaner

Keeping your home clean does not necessitate the use of mass disinfection weapons. Most people nowadays, however, are using these kinds of products out of convenience, routine, and false marketing. Even the most chemical cleaning products are labeled and communicated as an eco-friendly product. While these chemical compounds harm our health and the environment in several ways, these products do not necessarily work better than natural or non-toxic alternatives.

The powder-to-liquid kitchen cleaner is a natural cleaner for kitchen surfaces, and is parabens-free, silicone-free, vegan, and organic powder formulation. When mixed with water, the powder turns into 500ml of liquid surface cleaner which you can use with infinitely reusable, refillable, & recyclable bottles. It comes with 100% biodegradable and compostable cellulose sachets which contain 4 grams of cleaner powder each. Each refill eliminates a single-use plastic bottle. Enriched with natural citrus scent and made from 90% plant-based ingredients. 

Living a complete plastic-free lifestyle is a long shot, but you can always choose to make an impact by pursuing some doable goals. So, start with your kitchen, as it has the highest usage of single-use plastics that is a sore for both you and nature. Go for a guilt-free kitchen cleaning with products that are not only good for shiny appearance results but also for your conscience.


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