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Hair wash made from coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and shea butter makes your hair supple and easy to comb while moisturizing your scalp.
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Bye-bye plastic waste! Hello soap bars! At aer, we set high standards for health and safety. We strive to ensure that our products are optimal for efficacy and the health of people and the environment.


To get you started, we send you are natural and handmade soap bars which come without water and the single-use plastic. For a sustainable everyday life and a plastic-free body care routine.





Apply wet shampoo bar directly to wet hair. Massage shampoo through to scalp. Rinse hair.


Each bar has a 5 week curing period, allowing time for excess water to evaporate, which creates a more concentrated formula and a bar that holds its shape over time. Our natural and plant-based formula works to keep your hair’s natural oils intact.




Here you can read all the questions and answers that we often get from our customers about this product. If something is still unclear to you, write us an email to and we will help you immediately.
What does the switch to a hair soap feel like?

Most bottled shampoos can over-dry your hair and scalp by stripping away all the oil, while the formula for our soap bar works to keep your hair's natural, nourishing oils intact. As you switch to our hair bar soap, your hair and scalp may need a little time to start self-regulating this oil production. We find it typically takes a few washes depending on your hair type and other products to feel back to "normal."

How do I use the hair soap bar?

Apply wet shampoo bar directly to wet hair. Massage shampoo through to scalp. Rinse hair.

Can I use the hair soap bar on my coloured hair?

It depends on what dyes and process you use. We recommend chatting with your hair stylist to be fully confident if our shampoo works for your routine.

What our customers say about us


I prefer bar shampoo to plastic bottles. I didn't know bar shampoo existed before I saw it at your store.


I haven't needed to use any other product on my hair since using this shampoo bar. My fine, frizzy hair looks healthy and smooth. Thank you aer!


Smells so great and clean, yet not overpowering! And it's incredibly sudsy, long-lasting, and my hair has never felt cleaner!


I’ve been on the hunt for a hair soap that is all natural, of good quality and use no plastic for years and I can’t be more happy with this one! Smells exquisite, made in Austria and packaged in paper only! Love it!


I don't think I will likely ever go back to liquid shampoo.

No more single-use plastic waste.

Tropical-looking leaves.