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Glass & mirror cleaner which comes in 100% biodegradable and compostable paper sachets containing 2 grams of cleaner powder each. The powder turns into 500ml of liquid surface cleaner when mixed with warm water. Each refill eliminates a single-use plastic bottle since we do not ship water!
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  • Delivery time 1-3 days
  • 30-day money back guarantee



Bye-bye plastic waste! Hello cleaning powder! At aer, we set high standards for health and safety. We strive to ensure that our products are optimal for efficacy and the health of people and the environment.


To get you started, we send you with our starter set our high-quality bottle for your glass surfaces and the respective powder. For a sustainable everyday life and a zerowaste household.





Fill your bottle with 500 ml of warm (35-40°C) water.


Add the cleaning powder.


Close the bottle well and shake it  for approx. 10 seconds. In the next 5 minutes the powder will dissolve completely.




Here you can read all the questions and answers that we often get from our customers about this product. If something is still unclear to you, write us an email to and we will help you immediately.
What is so special about your cleaning powders?

With our powder formulations, you save up to 95% of CO2 emissions - because no more water has to be transported unnecessarily across the world in disposable plastic bottles. We work exclusively with ingredients of plant origin. Our cleaning products contain no harsh chemicals. And yet they clean as efficiently as conventional cleaners.

How should I use the cleaning agent?

Glass Cleaner: Specially formulated for use on glass, mirrors and windows. Perfect for cleaning windows as well as mirrors and other glass surfaces. There is no alcohol in our cleaner, which is why the liquid disappears more slowly after spraying on the surface in question than with conventional glass cleaners.

How warm must the water be to dissolve the powder?

The warmer the water you put in the bottle to dissolve our detergent powders, the better. The powders dissolve in cold water as well, but simply take a little longer.

Are the cleaning products vegan & environmentally friendly?

Our formulas use only vegan ingredients and are not made from animal by-products. Each of our cleaning sprays is designed to be as effective as possible for each of the surfaces you use it on. This means that each cleaner has been formulated to balance the pH optimally depending on the surface.

Can I use the refills also with other spray bottles?

Yes, our refills can also be used with any other spray bottle. The refills are developed to achieve their best performance when dissolved in 500ml of warm water.

What our customers say about us


Works and does not leave streaks, for me that is most important. That's why I like the window cleaner from aer.


The color of the bottle you have to get used to but it works really well. I can only recommend.


Amazing product, high quality, cost efficient and saving our planet to boot! I was blown away by the quality of this product- my windows and mirrors are sparkling clean!


I love everything about this glass & mirror cleaner product. Not harmful, looks cute (I know, I’m a marketing person’s dream!) and best of all - they do a really great job! I especially love the fact this product does not come with any scent.


I'm so glad I got these refills and saved ton of plastic easily. I don't have to worry about supply for a long time as I subscribed for their monthly plan. Easy!

No more single-use plastic waste.

Tropical-looking leaves.