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The color detergent powder comes in 100% biodegradable and compostable paper pouches and smells subtle of citrus and lavender. Each pouch contains 850g of detergent powder for your washing machine at home and allows for 22 wash loads. Each pack comes with a paper measuring cup to ensure your cloth washing routine finally leaves out the plastic waste. Every pouch eliminates a single-use plastic bottle and is available for as little as just € 0.59 per wash load.
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Bye-bye plastic waste! Hello cleaning powder! At aer, we set high standards for health and safety. We strive to ensure that our products are optimal for efficacy and the health of people and the environment.


Get started now with our high-quality powder detergents. All of them come in a pouch with 850g powder and a very own paper measuring cup. 100% home compostable & biodegradable. All products are 100% plastic free.

For a sustainable everyday life and a zerowaste household.


What our customers say about us


I am not planning on using any other color detergent ever again. The prodcut is not only sustainable but I am also really pleased with its effectiveness.


Clothing always came out cleaner than using other name brand detergents and they always have a lovely smell. The product and brand were a good choice.


I never used an eco-friendly detergent that worked so well. a really good product in my opinion. You don't need as much as the washer advertises and the clothes come out fresher and more brilliant than ever! No fading issues here!


It works as well as conventional products. Really gets all the laundry clean and yet it is full sustainable and without any single-use packaging waste.


It's my favorite detergent already after using he product just a couple of times. Working so well and the smell is so great.

No more single-use plastic waste.

Tropical-looking leaves.