Based on the principle 'less is more', we have conceptualized aer. Since our foundation in Vienna in the year 2019, we have been striving to eliminate single-use packaging while setting new standards in the formulation and product design of home and personal care. From kitchen cleaner to scented hand soap, all our products are designed to eliminate waste and inferior formulations from our daily routine. The name of our brand comes from the Greek aer meaning air (oxygen), referring to the fact that we ship a few grams of powder compared to kilos of liquids for existing, pre-filled home and personal care products. This results in 95% less carbon emissions per shipment we make.

Michael - one of two

We’ve invested and sacrificed quite a bit over the past year or so in order to finally be here. In a nutshell, we are a self-financed team operating in the field of home and personal care, industries characterised by noise, compromises and false promises. Through this platform we shine light on our team, products, inventions and opportunities we offer. Importantly, we want our community to know why we develop the products the different way, why we make the packaging decisions we make and just how we are going to reinvent the bare essentials for your body and home. It ain't gonna be easy. But it will at all times be transparent, sustainable and simple. We look forward to having you on board.

Tobias - two of two

From the start of our activities, doubt was the only thing that was certain. And whilst everyone was doubtful, my personal doubt was perhaps the strongest. We knew we wanted to change the world of home and personal care – best all at once. Our families’ and friends’ guidance was that "you can't do it all at once". Hence, we decided to tackle it all at once and called our baby aer. Building our brand to us means building trust in our products and internally developed formulations. We look forward to having you follow us along during this journey in order to collectively contribute our very own part to a more sustainable and less wasteful global society.


We as a brand stand to remind all of you folks to inform yourself about the home & body care you consume so that all of us can enjoy places of genuine raw natural beauty for longer.

We develop & create. Our product ideas do not start in a marketing department. We develop all our formulations in-house - in our own little lab - and greatly enjoy testing the boundaries of science.
We actually care. Thousands of brands claim zero waste for their products these days - well, that actually holds true for ours. Compostable cellulose only.
We pack and ship. It's our strong conviction that packing and shipping our products with our very own hands is the more personal and right way of getting our beauties to you.

Cleaning up industries riddled with waste.

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