One for One

”1 in 3 people worldwide are forced to dump or burn their waste, causing disease, polluting the oceans, and contributing to the global climate crisis.” // Wasteaid

The Problem

In 2021, single-use plastic packaging from everyday Home and Personal care products accounted for more than 50% of the world’s total plastic waste. Even more so, our dependence on plastic-based daily routine products is especially harming societies and our environment in the developing parts of the world.

Our Promise

At the same time, we know for a fact that our aer product range consisting of 100% compostable & biodegradable sachets is capable of eliminating single-use plastic waste from our daily lives - entirely. That is precisely why, from the very beginning, for every aer sachet (i.e. the paper packs which contain our powder formulations) we sell, we donate one sachet to a household in a developing country. When given the opportunity, we should do everything in our power to contribute to a better society and cleaner planet. Well, here we are, in it with you.


It's hard yet simple. Our products help you get out of the quality vs. convenience trap we find ourselves in. Superior formulations that come without the single-use plastic waste - that's what we're all about.

(STEP 1)
Lean back, relax and take a deep breath. Get ready to make a difference with true impact.
(STEP 2)
Identify the waste queens in your daily routine. Why are they packaged this way? Question everything.
(STEP 3)
Try our products out. On average, you’ll save up to 300 grams of single-use plastic waste with each of our products vs. conventional Home & Personal Care waste machines.

Cleaning up industries riddled with waste.

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